40 WallStreet Blend- A symphony of sophistication.

The sweet taste of success in every cup.
You have worked hard to get where you are in life and where you are is at the pinnacle of your career. You surround yourself with the best in life. The best cars, the best homes, the best people. Now, you can give yourself the gift of the best teas and 40 Wall Street Blend is just the beginning. ETPSri Lanka teas come together in a  creamy blend of maple and honey notes with just a hint of delicious chocolate notes. A heady symphonic blend of sophistication in every cup. Buy it for yourself as a reward for your hard work or as a gift to those around you to say, 'thank you'. Available in three sizes: 6 oz, 14 oz and for the voracious tea drinker; our 30 oz tin.